We serve Hamilton County in supplementing food to our residents that are struggling.  We provide such things as, food, personal care products, baby supplies and laundry aids.

Our primary goal is to serve ALL of Hamilton County (which consists of 3 townships) on a consistent basis.  Hamilton County has a population of 14,708 people and is declared a Rural Area of Critical Economic Concern (RACEC).  According to a reputable national survey, Hamilton County ranks 35 on a list of the top 100 poorest counties in the United States.  And #2 in the state of Florida.

Many of our school children savor the meal that they have at school as that being their main source of nourishment, if not their only source.  Our elderly population suffer genuinely as well.  Some are shut-ins and disabled.  Some do not have friends or family to look in on them and unfortunately they have to ration their food for the month long.
We have a diversity of residents within our community.  Technically, sixty-three percent represents the rural community.  We are comprised of an alarming amount of homeless families, several migrant camps and a good majority of single parent, elderly and disabled households.  

We chiefly operate on a referral basis and have a distinct screening process in place.  We strive to be good stewards of the donations and goods that have been placed with us.

We network within our community and recruit volunteers within their own communities to enable us to have our "ear to the ground", so to speak to enable us to efficiently serve all of Hamilton County.

We are also in partnership with Hamilton Humane Society.  They make generous donations of pet food and supplies for the pet members of the families we serve.

We have a heart and a great vision for Hamilton County.  We are proactive within the community and will network within to assist our own more efficiently.

We foster a sense of ownership, responsibility and pride within our community.